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Spanish Heritage Month

Third grade students in Mary Linker's class celebrated with tapas and café.

During the month of  September, Ginger Polk, Spanish Teacher at Waxhaw Elementary facilitated her students in studying about Spanish Heritage Month, as part of the spanish curriculum and Globalization Initiative.
Each class celebrated with a tradition from the country they were learning about. First grade studied the Mayan Indians. They learned about the capital city, Chichen Itza and did some Mayan Math!

"Did you know the Mayan's invented the number 0?" asked Ms. Polk. 

Second grade enjoyed a guest speaker, Anita Rinard, native of Puerto Rico.  They made carnival masks to celebrate her heritage.  Third grade celebrated by having tapas and café.

Fourth graders wrote stories from the perspective of a conquistador looking for El Dorado, The Lost City of Gold, in Colombia. Fifth graders made Horchata, a rice drink popular in Mexico and Central America.

Cole Bade, a 5th grade student in Danielle Conner's class, exclaimed "I LOVED the Horchata. I wasn't sure how it would taste since it was made with rice but I really liked it!"

Written by: Ginger Polk, Spanish Teacher
Posted: Oct 13, 2010 by Kimberly Thomas

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