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Against All Odds

Soccer has long been one of the most adored and followed sports here at Weddington, even during the team’s times of struggle. Lately the Warriors have fought mightily against all foes, but there’s more to this team than their record. The boys rank at a not-so-impressive 4-4-1. On the surface it may seem like this team is playing at a mediocre level, but this is not the case. Here’s why.
The Warrior soccer team is in a 3-A division but has been playing teams on the 4-A level. Not only that, they’re playing teams such as Ardrey Kell and Myers Park, which have topped the Charlotte Observer’s Sweet Sixteen list for years. Junior Ben Kern, a midfielder for the boys’ soccer team, cited this as one of the main reasons the boys are having difficulty.
It is a young team. The 2010 Varsity roster consists of seven sophomores. In a conference that is stacked with senior leadership and experience, the Warriors stand out as a younger, more promising team. They play with more guts and heart than any other team they have played, even when losing seven to one to Ardrey Kell. The boys would fly to the ball, and attack the opposing defense with unyielding courage and incredible fervor.
Although they haven’t had the best record in past years, this season looks like the start of a promising new beginning for Weddington Soccer.

Written by: Evan Sieges, Sports Reporter of the Warrior Witness
Posted: Oct 13, 2010 by Cheryl Edwards

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