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Army National Guard visits first graders

SSGT Robert Funderburk reads to Mrs. Green's first grade class.

Mrs. Greene's 1st grade class recently had a special visitor to their class. SSGT Robert Funderburk of the Army National Guard in Monroe came to speak about the military and recycling.

He started by speaking about the job of those in the military and explained about some of the places he has been during his time in the military. He told students that he had been to Iraq and talked about the extreme heat and desert conditions there. He also explained that in the military, soldiers are trained on what type of berries and bugs they can eat, if they need to. Sergeant Funderburk also left time to answer students' questions about the military before moving on to teach them more about recycling. One question from a student was "Have you ever jumped out of a helicopter?" to which he answered "No." So, students had an idea for him...bring one to school and jump out of it onto the playground.

Once all the questions were answered, Sergeant Funderburk read a book to the class entitled "Let's Recycle." As he read, he told students what the word "recycle" means and talked about the importance of recycling. He explained how students can begin to recycle at home by giving an example of what he does at home with his family. They have different trash cans for different types of trash.

Another thing that seemed to get the attention of students, was to show them a picture of a landfill and ask them if they would like to live beside that. Of course, they said "Nooo!!" He told them that if they didn't want to live beside that, then we have to take care of our Earth and reduce, reuse, and recycle. Needless to say, the whole class has been recycling all of their used paper in the class recycling bin.

Before leaving, Sergeant Funderburk was kind enough to give students their very own Army folder, pencil, and pen, which they have been using every day since the visit.




Written by: Shawna Greene, First Grade Teacher
Posted: Oct 14, 2010 by Jennifer Williams

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