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Invest in a Child Pep Rally - Pitch in for Playgrounds

Our PTO rocks!

   Our school's Invest in a Child (IIAC) fundraiser is underway.  The Pep Rally deafened many a teacher's ear October 1st at our IIAC Pep Rally.  Several students and staff competed in "Minute To Win It" races.  Teachers scrambled for money, and the parents had the crowds chanting for more playgrounds.We look forward to October 22nd when the school will get the chance to throw a water balloon at either Mr. Hoover or Mrs. Dillon!  This is also part of our Swing for Swings event.   Students purchase golf balls and try to sink a hole in one on a putting green.  For every hole in one a student makes, he or she will earn a water balloon to throw at Mr. Hoover and/or Mrs. Dillon. Last year, they earned enough money to tape Mr. Hoover to the wall!  Who knew life could be this fun!

Last, but not least, some students will win the chance to eat pizza with Mr. Hoover and Mrs. Dillon at Donato's Pizza.  Their trip to Donato's will be in a limousine!  This fundraiser is raising money for some needed playgrounds.  Thanks to Peggy Rishe who spearheaded this campaign.

Written by: Kathy Gwinn, Media Specialist
Posted: Oct 15, 2010 by Kathy Gwinn

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