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Fifth Grade Students Move the Classroom Outside

Caroline Lambert, a 5th grader at Rocky River Elementary, observing nature.

Jacob Brasseur a 5th grader at Rocky River, tried to see nature as an insect would instead of how an 11 year old boy would. This is what he wrote:

It is a great feat to sit here and not to hear the hum of a car or the rattle of an air conditioner. But to hear the buzz of a cricket or the song of a bird. The thing is to see life in a different manner, not to see the spider as a lifeless creature that hurts us, but to see it as THE life of the forest. To skip through the grass eight legs at a time. And not to see the grass as the ground we walk on but to see it as the thing the animals live in they call home. These are all the things we call life. A toad leaping over a log to escape it’s prey life.

Caroline Lambert simply looked up for inspiration in her writing:

The tall, leaf covered trees blocked almost the whole sky. Only little spots of sun light shone threw the unreachable leaves and branches. A long legged spider scuttled cautiously about the velvety grass. White moths flew above like tiny angels, spreading peace through out the forest. A little wolf spider dashed across the forest floor, dodging the growth that carpeted the bottom of the forest, searching for it’s prey.

It is easy not to notice nature as you walk to your car at the end of a long day or even walking to your mailbox. We are all so busy these days rushing from here to there that we don’t notice that the leaves have started turning their gold, red and orange autumn colors. The enormous web a banana spider weaves goes unnoticed until we almost walk though it. We miss when that last leaf falls off the maple tree in our front yard as winter approaches. The vivid green of the spring grass in the pastures flies right past us as we drive to the grocery store.

We should all learn from Jacob and Caroline who can just stop, look and listen to what nature offers us for free every season.

Written by: Heather Shulman, Instructional Assistant at Rocky River
Kristin Wiese, Media Specialist at Rocky River
Posted: Oct 18, 2010 by Kristin Wiese

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