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Students learn about Hispanic Heritage Month

Left to Right: AJ Starnes, Ava Greene, Jonathan Sarno

Hispanic Heritage Month is traditionally recognized from September 15 to October 16.  Senora Moats has been doing a variety of activities related to flags of the US, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Spain. This will continue throughout the year, so if your child's class ( Grades K - 3 ) hasn't done a flag project yet - they will ! Representatives from all grade levels participated in school Broadcasts throughout this month.

Kindergarteners learned the colors of the US flag in Spanish, made a flag, and sang the song "Mi Bandera".  First Graders made a Mexican flag and Second Graders made a Puerto Rican flag.  Both of these grades sang the song "Su Bandera", applying the words and colors to their particular flag.

Students in Mrs. Neuberth's 3rd Grade class wrote descriptive sentences about the flags of the US and Spain.  All 3rd - 5th Grade classes said the "Pledge of Allegiance" in Spanish after looking at it in a book and/or finding many cognates ( words that are similar to English ) in the Pledge. Mrs. Moats and representatives from the classes that had a 2nd Spanish class during the 1st Grading Period shared information learned on the school broadcasts.  Work that was done was also displayed in the hallway.

Learning about the Hispanic culture will continue all year during Spanish classes.  Certain Spanish speaking countries will be focused on per grade level as well as integration with their own grade level's focus country. Senora Moats invites and encourages anyone who would like to share about travel to an Hispanic country to contact her at school .  Students are also encouraged to share cultural artifacts or information they find related to the Hispanic culture .  OLE ! 


Left to Right: Alex Evans, Savannah Dunbar, Adam Starling, Ashlyn Porter

Left to Right: Hailey Phifer, Taylor Hagler, Tori Pope, Josh Stafford

Written by: Senora Moats, Spanish Teacher
Posted: Oct 18, 2010 by Jennifer Williams

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