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Stained Glass Windows Brighten CATA's Halls

Art I students work to create stained glass windows along CATA's front windows.

Many have seen the fantastic colors illuminating our front windows. The magical light was created by Mrs. Pentecost's Art 1 classes. The works of art were inspired by the stained glass windows found in Gothic Cathedrals.

Shelly Pentecost, the art teacher at CATA said, “The process of creating Gothic stained glass was the objective of the lesson however, working as a team seemed to make a more lasting impression with the students. This will aid them in the future in other classes as well as in a work environment.”

This is evidenced by some comments from the students. “It was hard to work with other people. One or two people in the group would do nothing or want to do their own thing,” commented Chelsea Vaun.

Lauren Harrison agreed and said, “If you don't listen and contribute to the group, you can have a bad outcome.”

According to Alyssa Knittel, her group enjoyed success, “I enjoyed the process, it was a lot of fun. We worked well as a team.”

Students were also given a shape that the group had to incorporate into the design. The main focus of the project was the Principle of Design, Balance.

Students measured the space and transferred it to a grid pattern where they outlined their design. Student Savanna Cochran-Gentry said, “You need to make sure you measure and grid it correctly or it makes it harder to do.”

Following the grid measurements allowed everyone in the group to be responsible for different areas and reduce down time. Some students shared a preference for which window they liked the best. Emma Rose stated, “I liked the triangle stained glass from 2nd period the best (it happens to be my group’s). It is simple yet creative.”

Faith Camillo pointed out another issue with this project, “You can't overlap the tissue paper because it changes the colors. We used bright colors as it lets the light in. Gothic stained glass was used to tell a biblical story.”

There were about 7-8 students per group and the students learned how to work as a team and how to be organized. The front hall with its wall of windows makes a perfect setting for students to create their designs. The school shines with color! Come see the beautiful designs the students have created!

Written by: Shelly Pentecost
Edited by: Deb Christensen
Posted: Oct 18, 2010 by Ms. Deb Christensen

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