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Kindergarten visits Aw Shucks Farm

Jake Taylor poses for a picture in the corn maze.

This past week the kindergarten class took their first field trip to AW Shucks Farm. For weeks now we have been gearing up for this trip and the kids were very excited. For many of the children it was their first bus ride and chance to go on a class trip. As we boarded the buses, it was cloudy and starting to rain. All the teachers and kids were worried that our trip might not happen. So Mrs. Contrera’s Class did a no rain dance and we definitely needed it. 

     The trip to the farm was a little bumpy and the kids enjoyed riding down the road and the teachers looked out apprehensively as the rain poured down. As we traveled, the sky got lighter and the teacher’s started to hope that we would be able to enjoy our time at the pumpkin patch. Much to everyone’s relief it had barely drizzled at the farm and the sun was starting to come out when we arrived. The teachers all took a sigh of relief. Then it was off the bus and onto exploring the farm.

     We started by learning about how farmers planted corn long ago and how they shucked it and used the different parts. We learned that all the corn at AW Shucks was not for eating but was used to feed animals. We also saw how they cut the corn off the cobs and how the stalks were used in the past. Mrs. Bonnie showed us a bunch of different products that were made from corn like: crayons, batteries, cotton balls, and even some plastic cups. 

     Next we tried out the corn maze. The kids liked traipsing through the corn although Cameron kept saying, “Do you think we’ll see a snake?” Some of the girls did not like the thought of running into a snake, which motivated them to find their way out of the maze even quicker. Unfortunately we weren’t too good with directions and we ended up having to find our own way out. 

     Then we went to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins. All of the pumpkins we picked were sugar pumpkins and we learned that they are used to make pumpkin pies. Sky was a little disappointed that the pumpkins weren’t bigger. She told the lady at the patch, “ My mom told me to pick the biggest pumpkin and those are small.” We had to convince her that she couldn’t carry a bigger pumpkin and that she could make a pie with the small one. The thought of pie brought a smile to her face.

     We also visited the animal barn. The kids were really excited to feed the different animals. They had sheep, pygmy goats and chickens. We got to see a tom turkey too. He was really big, and he even gobbled for us. Check out his cute mug shot below.
The other activities we got to enjoy while at AW Shucks included a wagon ride, a presentation in a 150-year-old train car and some apple cider tasting in the old store.

     Overall the trip was a success. The kids learned a lot about the past while there and enjoyed the farm. Many of our kindergarteners are already asking, “When are we going on our next field trip?” Let’s hope that our next trip is just as exciting. 





Written by: Amy Kamp, Kindergarten Teacher
Posted: Oct 21, 2010 by Jennifer Williams

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