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Union County Public Schools Earns Foodservice District of Excellence in Child Nutrition Award

Denise Lamar, Director Child Nutrition

This prestigious award recognizes school districts that score 100 to 80 percent on American School Food Service Association’s Keys to Excellence, in covering nutrition and nutrition education, administration, communications and marketing, and operations.

The Keys to Excellence provides a standard way for school districts to compare their program to the industry’s model of practice while helping meet their goals to serve healthy, delicious food in a cost effective way. This high score demonstrates their knowledge in all “key’ areas. There are only three other Districts of Excellence in North Carolina.

Union County Public Schools, Child Nutrition Department led by Denise Lamar, SFNS not only demonstrated that they know and use the recipe for success, but that they will continue to seek out learning opportunities to meet our community’s needs and challenges. Child Nutrition knows that well-nourished bodies lead to well-built minds. This was the impetus for Child Nutrition joining hands with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture Fruit and Vegetable Co-op. We spend around $90,000 dollars of USDA money towards the purchase of fresh fruit and vegetables. This allows Child Nutrition to offer a greater variety of produce to our students. $40,000 of this is spent on North Carolina Produce from the Farm to School Program.

Child Nutrition has always offered our students many of their favorite items such as pizza, fries and chicken sandwiches while meeting nutritional standards. Items such as fries and chicken are baked and we use 100% skim mozzarella cheese. Whole wheat breads are always featured and students can enjoy low fat milk in all our flavored milks. The average school lunch contains around 550 calories with less than 30% of those calories coming from fat. To control sodium we use frozen vegetables and the very few canned fruits used are packed in juice. Other goals of reducing fat and providing healthier snacks and beverages are an ongoing effort. The dedicated employees of the Child Nutrition Program work hard each day to ensure that all of our students are fed healthy meals which enable them to perform well throughout the day. These are just a few of the reasons Union County Child Nutrition has become a District of Excellence.

Written by: Denise Lamar, Director of Child Nutrition
Posted: Dec 30, 2009 by Davida Cambria

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