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Stop, Drop, and Roll

Local firefighters show first grade students the importance of fire safety.

On October 13, 2010 Adam, Mark and Sparky, who were from local fire departments, came to visit first grade students. 

October is Fire Safety Month.  They brought axes wrote Chloe Smith, a first grader in Michele Ruby's class.  One ax was shorter than the other because they use it to break into a house if it is on fire, wrote Chloe.

Students walked through the fire truck and learned about fire alarms. "The firefighters taught us how to stop, drop and roll," said Stacy Vassilski, a student in Michelle Ruby's first grade class.  Stacy also said, "Firefighter Mark said if there is smoke near the ceiling that we can crawl on the floor."   The firefighters brought Sparky, their fire-fighting safety dog, to talk with the students.  Sparky shared how important it is to listen to fire alarms.    

Written by: Stacy Vassilski-1st Grade Student, Chloe Smith-1st Grade Student, and Beth Medlin-Media Coordinator
Posted: Oct 22, 2010 by Beth Medlin

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