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Aw Shucks, it was Great!

pumpkins at Aw Shucks

Second grader Vinny R. is our man on the scene describing the second grade field trip to Aw Shucks.

Aw Shucks was second grade’s field trip. And Aw Shucks, we had an amazing time! There was the corn maze, pumpkin patch, tree house, Fort Shucks, an 1800’s train car, hayride, from the ground to grocery store (about corn), and some animals. The corn maze was really cool and fun and LONG. This year’s design represents the Boy Scouts of America’s 100th anniversary by saying, “BSA 2010”.

Then there is the pumpkin patch. There are tall pumpkins, short pumpkins, fat pumpkins, skinny pumpkins, big pumpkins, sugar pumpkins (tiny), even white pumpkins. The 1800’s train car was cool. It was falling apart. When Aw Shucks first found it, the paint was chipped, it was very dusty, and more that I can’t describe. They found from the bathroom wall: a glass shampoo container, and a washcloth. They also found old ripped up conductor gloves, a huge hammer, other tools, a big metal mail thing, and an actual mailbag that said “CANADA AIR MAIL”.

The Hayride is next. There are two hayrides. One has hay and the other does not. Mrs. Plyler’s Class rode on the one with hay. There was a small barn, but not with cows or horses, with turkeys and bunnies! When everyone got in the turkey’s face, it went “Gobble, gobble, gobble!” There was also the chicken coop. One chicken laid colored eggs. And last but most certainly not least was the tree house and Fort Shucks. The tree house is really big, and Fort Shucks and the cabins are really cool.

Aw Shucks is great!!!

Written by: Vinny R., second grader
edited by April Philips, Computer Teacher and Susan Shikany, Media Specialist
Posted: Oct 25, 2010 by April Phillips

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