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A Visit from The Black Lagoon!

Author, Mike Thaler and students at Rea View Elementary


Brought to you by the PTA Educational Programs Committee

On Wednesday, October 20, author, teacher, songwriter, sculptor, game designer, illustrator, and "America's Riddle King" met with RVES students during a day-long series of events.

The day bean with two randomly selected students from each grade bearing witness to Mr. Thaler creating a work of art which he donated to the media center. The making of the illustration was televised live in each homeroom class via RVTV, so that every student could watch, listen to, and experience the making of Mr. Thaler’s special illustration for Rea View.

Mr. Thaler also facilitated two assemblies, first with Kindergarten through second grade students and then with third grade through fifth grade students. Both assemblies, tailor-made for each age group, included instruction on riddle creation, humorous illustration making, fun-loving teacher participation, and words of inspiration to “follow your dreams.”

Students in the critical, early writing grade levels had an opportunity to ask Mr. Thaler questions about story creation, character development, book writing and illustration, and anything else related to his 50 years as a children’s book author. Mr. Thaler stressed that anyone can be a writer at any age and to be sure to work hard following your dream whatever it may be!

Written by: Diann Harvey
Posted: Oct 26, 2010 by Diann Harvey

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