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Mrs. Donna Neuberth’s 3rd grade class has been “diving” into reading and enhancing our reading lives. The students have established routines to become more independent and engaged readers. The children have learned strategies to deal with distractions and sustain engagement. 

Students read “just right” texts independently, in partnerships, in small groups and in whole group shared reading. They have come to realize reading is a part of everyone’s life, every day: letters, newspapers, magazines, menus, directions, poems, schedules, signs, posters, comic books, novels, manuals, labels, their own written pieces and the list goes on and on. 
Perhaps the most important skill the children have discovered is that talking, or “buzzing” with a partner or discussion group, about the book they are reading deepens their understanding and whets their appetite to read more. Goal setting also plays an important role in our classroom. Every Friday, partners meet to analyze each other’s Reading Log and revise their reading goals for the coming week. They must set (or deepen) a goal and explain how they intend to meet the goal. Once their partner is satisfied with both the goal and strategy, they each place a sticky note on our Revised Goal Chart at the front of our room. This gives ownership and importance to the goal and the strategy, as well as responsibility for their independent reading life. Students often “visit” our class chart as reinforcement throughout the week.
Students have doubled and tripled their reading engagement since school began. They are taking notes, questioning the text, flagging areas for discussion and growing theories about their characters. As they walk in their character’s shoes, they are able to envision, empathize, to make stronger predictions and character connections. The children say they are learning to “Scuba Dive” and experience wonderful things as they go deeper into the text and character(s).
Please check out our “Wall of Fame” (outside room 510) to share their successes. I am so proud of our Terrific Third!



Written by: Donna Neuberth, 3rd Grade Teacher
Posted: Oct 27, 2010 by Jennifer Williams

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