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New support for parents of a child struggling with drugs or alcohol

Time To Get Help is a new online resource and community to help parents of teens and young adults gain a better understanding of adolescent alcohol and drug abuse, dependence and addiction; get support from experts and other parents who have been there; and find the right treatment for their child and family.

Time To Get Help, along with our Intervention and Treatment e-books, aims to guide parents when they need it most – parents who too often feel ashamed, helpless, alone and lost in a maze of too much or too little information about where to go and what to do next. This first-of-its-kind online resource answers the questions:

• Where can I learn more about drug and alcohol addiction?
• How do I begin gaining control over my situation? 
• How do I pay for treatment? 
• Where can I get the support I need to help my child? 
• Where can I hear stories from parents who have gone through this? 

For parents struggling with their child's drug and alcohol abuse, who need help finding treatment, have kids who are in treatment or want to learn more about being a positive influence for their children in recovery, there’s drugfree.org/timetogethelp.

You are not alone.

Written by: The Partnership for a Drug-Free America
Posted: Oct 27, 2010 by Lisa Callaham

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