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Notebooks Gone Wild at FHHS

Forest Hills High art students have created “Notebooks Gone Wild!” Each student in Mrs. Alicia Swackhamer’s Art I, II, and Honors Art III classes received a notebook and the mission to design the front and back in a unique way. The notebook transformation project was fun for everybody. Swackhamer further challenged her students staging a competition among the classes. The notebooks were displayed in the FHHS Media Center where students and teachers could vote for their favorites by writing them on slips of paper and placing them in the voting basket. When the votes were tallied, Scott Grissom took first place, Lauren Knight second place, and Monica Deese and Lindsay Smith shared third.

The idea of the project was for students to design fully functional notebooks that display their artistic abilities and favorite subjects. Students had only a few days to work on the notebooks in class; it was mainly an out of class project. Students found this resourceful project fun to do.

“I feel that the notebook project was a great way for me to express my feelings,” said Sarah Bradley, an FHHS senior.

“It was expressive and unique. I had to be very patient,” stated sophomore Jocelyn Parham.

According to senior Venado Recendiz, “It was a pretty cool project.” “It took me a while, but I actually enjoyed it,” he said.

For the notebook transformation battle, students used all types of materials from pictures to feathers, even candy wrappers! There were endless possibilities for whatever themes students desired. The process was simple. Students picked a theme, figured out what materials they wanted to use, and glued away! Students used crazy materials and even crazier themes. Whatever the theme, all the notebooks came out great!

Each notebook turned out very different from the others, but all showed creativity and artistic design. There are certainly no boring notebooks in this bunch!

Written by: Leah Lewis, Monica Deese, Davis Hollis, Cassie Griffin, Taylor Hasenaur, Jasmine Brown, and Scotty Hammond
Posted: Oct 29, 2010 by Melissa Howell

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