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Spanish Night was a Success

students who participated in the Cumbia

Spanish night was a success! Hemby Bridge joined other Union County schools in celebrating Spanish heritage and also took the opportunity to inform Spanish speaking families about services available within the community. 

Hemby Bridge students danced the Cumbia. The Cumbia is a Latin American musical style that originated from the Caribbean coast of eastern Colombia, with folkloric variants in Panama, from where it spread gaining particular popularity in Mexico, Argentina, and the Andean region.
Cumbia began as a courtship dance practiced among the African slave population. It was traditionally performed with male and female dancers. Women playfully wave their long skirts and men danced behind the women with one hand behind their back and the other hand either holding a hat, putting it on, or taking it off. Male dancers also carried a red handkerchief wrapped around their necks. Our students did a great job onstage leaving the school’s name well represented.

The Colombian Hat (worn by the boys)
The sombrero vueltiao (Colombian Spanish for hat with laps) is a traditional hat from Colombia and one of its symbols. It is traditionally worn by the male cumbia dancers. It is made out of Gynerium sagittatum known locally as caña flecha, a type of cane that grows in the region. The word vueltiao is a Colombian regionalism from the northern Caribbean Region and the area surrounding the Magdalena River basin that originates in the word for "lap" (Spanish:vuelta), and arose due to the way the hat is made. Vueltiao is correctly spelled volteado; however, the altered spelling reflects the actual pronunciation. The quality of the hat is determined by the number of "laps" used and its bending flexibility. The more flexible the hat is the higher quality it is. The making of the hat originated amongst the Zenu tribes of Colombia. The Colombian delegation to the 2004 Olympics wore the Colombian hat during the opening ceremony.

Written by: Luz Aquino, Spanish Teacher
Posted: Nov 02, 2010 by April Phillips

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