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Danny Brassell motivates BHESA students

Danny Brassell, a motivational speaker from California, worked with BHESA students on November 1 & 3. Additionally, Mr. Brassell worked with over one hundred seventy-five educators at the Union County Agriculture Center on November 2.

Mr. Brassell encourages teachers to use instructional strategies that will enhance comprehension while incorporating real-life observations. Mr. Brassell feels that by using strategies that are meaningful to students, students will have deeper comprehension.

Mr. Brassell, a college professor as well as a speaker, asked students at BHESA to work cooperatively with classmates. In his work with a fifth grade class, students talked about their ancestors, identified where ancestors came from, and reasons why they may have moved to America.

Following the discussion & sharing time, students all sang “This Land is Your Land.” It was evident by student participation that Mr. Brassell’s presentation was a success!

Written by: Syble Isbister
Posted: Nov 05, 2010 by Syble Isbister

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