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Can You See Me Now?

Recently, the 1st grade students in Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Pound's class at Western Union Elementary School peeked out of their comfort zone to explore the Philippines.  On Thursday, November 4, the students Skyped with the island of Lapu Lapu.  Students researche the Philippines in class while investigating the term "globalization".  Students asked "What location would be half way around the world?"  Students also discussed the advantage of having technology to talk with someone onthe other side of the world.

Johnny Leonard, Mrs. Hill's friend that travels and works in the Philippines, made contact with some of the local villagers.  Mr. Leonard provided a collection of his personal photos of his travels in Lapu Lapu.  Mrs. Hill's students studied the photos and began compiling a list of questions for their new friends.  On Thursday morning, the students stood up one at a time to ask their questions live via the web-cam on the computer.  Students asked questions about daily life, sports, school and favorite foods.  This conversaton fueled even more questions and another Skype session has been arranged.

Written by: Jessica Klutz
Posted: Nov 05, 2010 by Carrie Johnson

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