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Students Utilize Skype To Learn About Education In Africa

Students using Skype to communicate with Mrs. Parker in Tunisia.

On Thursday, October 28, every student in 7th grade experienced Skype-ing with a former PRMS teacher, Mrs. April Parker. Mrs. Parker taught in Union County for 7 years, 2 years at Sun Valley Middle and 5 years at PRMS. Her family recently moved to Tunisia, a small, dominantly Muslim country in North Africa. Mrs. Parker currently teaches Reading, Writing, and Math to a 3rd grade American student with learning disablilites at the American Cooperative School in Tunis, Tunisia. http://www.acst.net/ is the website for this school.

Mrs. Parker talked about her upbringing (she was born and raised in Indian Land, SC) and how she recently became a Muslim and contemplated moving to Tunisia, the homeland of her husband. The students seemed fascinated to see a "white woman" wearing the traditional hijab all while talking in a Southern accent!

Mrs. Parker explained the differences in daily life there. One significant difference was the importance of family. Here we see family on special occassions while in Tunisia, the extended family shares the evening meal every day. Some shocking differences to the students were the length of the school day (Middle School students attend school 7 hours a day here versus 10 to 11.5 hours a day in Tunisia, and some Saturdays), and how boys/girls are kept separate, even through adulthood and marriage.

Some questions the students asked were about the government (Tunisia has a military style police system), the climate (desert but windy), and religion (98% are Muslim, followers of Islam).

We hope to Skype again with Mrs. Parker!

Written by: Caroline Newton
Posted: Nov 08, 2010 by Casey Rimmer

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