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Union has a new journalism team

This year, a new class was started at Union Elementary School. The class is called Dragon Press and it consists of six, fifth grade students. All of the students that were chosen for the journalism team showed special skills such as responsibility, respect for teachers and the ability to get along with other students. The fact that they are both good writers, and good listeners, in their homerooms also helped. Riley Hyatt, Kahlil Cabble, Alexandria Rickard, Tyson Davis, Madeline Wilson, and Destiny Starling are the students on Dragon Press.

Students on the journalism team give teachers, students, and parents, feedback on what is happening at the school by writing articles for the website, conducting interviews for the school’s monthly newsletter, and running the morning announcements. The students have different jobs that they do for the announcements each day. Announcements air in the morning before school so the students all have to work very hard each day. The jobs for the morning broadcast are the camera, one of the 2 anchors, T.V, the computer, or maybe as simple as observing the whole process. “I think that Dragon Press is awesome because we get to do the coolest things in the entire school, and it’s fun to be on the T.V.!”says Riley Hyatt. 

The press team also does interviews around the school. It gives students a chance to get to know their teachers and the staff at the school better. “I like doing interviews, it’s also fun to be interviewed. It’s also a lot of fun to walk around and take pictures around the school. The teacher that runs the press team is very nice to everyone also,” says Destiny Starling with enthusiasm when asked to talk about the Dragon Press.

Another job of the Dragon Press is to write articles. The articles they write are like the one you are reading right this very moment! This is the first one that has been assigned. The first few weeks the students were learning where to indent or what to do when you have quotes about the class. At the beginning of the year, the students had a visitor. Mrs. Deb Bledsoe of the Union County Public School Communications Department. She used to be a journalist for the city newspaper. She talked to the students and helped them with tips on writing. She gave the students writing sheets that she uses to help with writing better articles. Students are taught how to use who, what, when, where, why, and how in class to help with writing assignments. These papers are the perfect way to help show this skill.

The Dragon press gives students a chance to interact with more people and be more social. Students believe it is an honor that their teachers chose them to do this because it shows that they are responsible and reliable enough to handle it. Alexandria Rickard said “It’s been fun doing this class, taking pictures, writing articles, and interviewing people, I wish we could do this more often!” Students started this class near the beginning of the school year and they have had SO much fun ever since!


Written by: Tyson Davis, 5th grade student and
Alex Rickard, 5th grade student
Posted: Nov 08, 2010 by Jennifer Williams

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