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A Game Everyone Can Win

Many would think that building chemistry on the field is a team’s true mark of success. At the end of their season many people would describe Porter Ridge Varsity Men’s soccer team as a success. After again qualifying for the 4A state playoffs, the Pirates may have experienced their biggest “win” by turning their attention to their relationships off the field last month at Hemby Bridge Elementary.

Laughter and screams of excitement filled the air from third, fourth and fifth grade classes rushing onto the athletic field at the school. Annually, Porter Ridge’s Varsity Men’s soccer team travels to the elementary school to give a small soccer clinic, teach kids technique, and have fun. While the students benefit from this event, the Pirate team also gains satisfaction.

This day gives the team an opportunity to “build future Pirates” says Coach Ron Ladimir. Building a future for PR’s soccer team and reaching out to the kids is what the team aims to do. Having fun with the game that the high school students have grown to love is what the day is all about. Senior Erasmo Cortez said, “It feels good to see them enjoy it” and by seeing excited faces it is obvious that they did.

Kids anticipated the event for weeks, wanting to know who they are “versing” and “what time it is” and when they are going out said Sally Ketron, a third grade teacher, “It is something different. It helps them play and work together.”

Each class enjoyed 45 minutes of instruction from 3 to 4 members of the Pirate soccer team. During that time it was noticeable that the kids had been awaiting the day. Nothing but joyful faces and cheering for classmates occurred on the field. Senior Bryan Sandoval said that he was “kept on his toes” by the energy and excitement of the Hemby Bridge students.

By serving the community in this way the players have the opportunity to “build chemistry within the team” remarked Captain Ross Englert. The team works together to become positive role models for younger kids and the students clearly look up to the players. A young boy in Ms. Ketron’s third grade class said that he tries to attend all the PR games to “become a better player.”

Once the day was complete at Hemby Bridge the players shared stories about what was experienced. Sandoval commented on this positive experience saying, the kids arrived “with smiles and left with smiles” and that was all that mattered.

Written by: Amanda Stewart, PRHS Journalism Student; Photos by Emily Buchholtz
Posted: Nov 08, 2010 by Ms. April Dawkins

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