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What is PreK all about?

Students in Ms. Lindsey Lemon's PreK class use five frames to make number representations.

Pre-Kindergarten is an exciting year for students to learn social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills. These areas are reached through our developmentally appropriate practice, and use of “Creative Curriculum”. Students spend the majority of their day in learning centers interacting with other students and problem solving. Each week, materials and activities are changed to encourage new skills and continue their learning throughout the year. During our two main circle times, we meet as a large group and work on literacy skills such as shared reading, shared writing, calendar activities and much more.

This school year, Ms. Lindsey Lemon’s students have been working very hard during their small group writing time. During these small group activities, students discuss the attributes of good writers. Elements they have discussed include being the “author” of their story, which means writing their own words. Students have also discussed the importance of “brainstorming” before they begin to write. Another element some students felt important was to add “illustrations” to their work. As students complete work in their journals, or at the writing center, they place it in the class book bucket which indicates they would like to share their work with their classmates. Those that use elements of good writing and share their stories receive a sticker on the authors wall and share their story in the “author’s chair.” See Photos 1, 2 & 3 (ALL students have stickers on the author’s wall!!)

Another area of focus in Ms. Lemon’s class is math readiness. Students in photos 4 & 5 are using five frames to make number representations. To begin the activity students were flashed a five frame and asked to recreate the number on their frame. During this time students were using the “turn and talk” method and discussing how to make these representations. “How many do you need?” Ryan asked his partner “I need one” Addisyn replied. The next portion was an enrichment activity pulled from a kindergarten level. Students were asked to think of different ways to show 3, 4 & 5. Again students were encouraged to use the “turn and talk” method with their group members to see what representations they created and compare them with their own. Pierson noticed he used 2 red and 3 yellow to make 5, when his partner used all red to make 5.

Students in Ms. Lemon’s class also spend a great amount of time focusing on literacy. When they are not at large group time they are enjoying literacy activities, which are integrated throughout their day. In photos 6 & 7 students were referring back to the text. During this activity students were encouraged to generate ideas about what could be found on a farm and what was needed to complete certain jobs. In photo 8, students were using photographs of things that could grow on farms. During this activity students were encouraged to discuss where on a farm these items might grow best, “I think apples will grow bigger on trees” Jonas said.

In photo 9, these students were using the turn and talk method to discuss what they have seen on farms or what they could imagine they would find on a farm. “I have seen tractors on farms” Tyler said, “I think there’s cows” TyJay said. Students from all groups continued discussions and developed answers to record on the “farm” semantic web found in photo 10. The semantic web was used each day to record answers from small group time, on our final day of the farm unit we used the chart as a review piece to summarize our week of learning about the farm.

In recent units students have become “researchers” and improved their investigative skills to find information from non-fiction books in small groups. All of these skills the students are acquiring throughout their pre-k year are for one main reason: to foster a love of for learning. When students leave this program they will be prepared for Kindergarten and ready to succeed!

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Written by: Lindsey Lemon, PreK Teacher
Posted: Nov 12, 2010 by Jennifer Williams

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