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Two Who Took the Time to “Give Their Best”

Mrs. Annette Martin (left) and Mrs. Linda Thompson (formerly Covington) read Alex's letter and display his picture.

Approximately 18 years ago a sweet, cute, yet very different little boy arrived at the doors of Western Union Elementary School. He signed on to take the kindergarten entrance exam (test) to see how he compared. Well, he wasn’t like the others who entered that year. For example, he couldn’t hold his pencil like the other kids. It soon became evident that he was very different from his peers. He wasn’t just a little different; he was a lot different.

In enters this teacher who talks with his parents and feels she may be able to help. Mrs. Annette Martin and Mrs. Linda Covington eagerly welcome this young man into their class and the journey begins. They work with him day in and day out. He is very happy in his new class and begins to flourish. Each day is an adventure for him.

Before you know it, he has outgrown Mrs. Martin’s class, and it’s time for him to move on. With sad, tearful eyes he departs to the future years of his life. His family eventually moves to Florida. He never forgot his simple, humble, happy beginnings and the two special ladies who took the time and special care to give the best they had to make a difference in his life.

In his senior year, he reaches back. He pauses long enough to acknowledge two very special ladies. In his own words, he tells them the following:

“Dear Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Covington,
Alex CantrellHow do I thank two of the most special people to me and that made the biggest impression on and to my education? Without your help when I was little I would not have finished 16Th in my graduating (class) of 459. I really appreciate the money you sent me for graduation. It will help me buy my books for the fall.”

He goes on to tell them how special they both are to him. Thanks in part to their giving their best to him; he will enter his freshman year of college with 20 college credits. His fall schedule will include: Calculus III, English II, Biological Science I, and General Music. He will seek his Bachelors degree in Mathematics and Education. He wants to teach high school or college Algebra, Statistics or Calculus.

My hope is that this fine young man will return to North Carolina to teach, although it really doesn’t matter where he decides to live and teach. We all know those students who are fortune enough to have this special young man as their teacher will indeed receive one very special education.

Oh, yes, I may have forgotten to mention that Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Covington then and now teach in one of Western Union’s self contained cross categorical classes. When you give you best to others, it comes back to you.

That is why “give your best and nothing less” is more than just a slogan for Western Union. We are changing lives for the best!

Written by: Rita Webb, Principal
Posted: Nov 15, 2010 by Mrs. Jessica Klutz

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