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Investigating Pumpkins

In conjunction with second grade math units on measurement and capacity, Mrs. Harmon and Mrs. Shockley's second grade classes spent several days investigating pumpkins. Each child brought in a small pumpkin. The students measured the height of the pumpkin and the stem using standard and non-standard measuring tools.


The circumference was measured using a tape measure. Students counted the number of creases around the pumpkin. An estimate was made as to how heavy their pumpkin was. Then students used scales to weigh their pumpkins. Next students estimated how many seeds they thought were inside their pumpkins. Last of all, and most fun, each student's pumpkin was cut open, the seeds and insides scooped out, the seeds were grouped into piles of ten and counted!

Fun Fictional stories are in the process of being written about "The Adventures of My Pumpkin".

The students even watched a pumpkin rot, the seeds take root and sprout starting a new pumpkin plant. The life cycle of a pumpkin continues!

Written by: Mrs. Harmon & Mrs. Shockley, Second Grade Teachers
Posted: Nov 17, 2010 by Colleen Salter

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