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Teacher Cadets Learn From the Best

Mrs. Jennifer Facciolini, the 2010-2011 North Carolina Teacher of the Year, speaks to Mrs. Garner's teacher cadets.

Mrs. Jessica Garner’s teacher cadet class was honored with a visit recently by Mrs. Jennifer Facciolini, the 2010-2011 North Carolina Teacher of the Year! Mrs. Facciolini is a history teacher at Midway High School in Sampson County. The teacher cadet class is a program for students who may want to be teachers in the future. The cadets visit New Town elementary classes for a period of the day and learn more about teaching and interacting with the elementary school children. It is fitting that Mrs. Garner is teaching this class, since she was the 2009-2010 AT&T Teacher of the Year. But on this day, the students were blessed with another opinion and another teacher who has received the Teacher of the Year award. Junior Sarah Flieger had this to say, “She was very interactive with us and allowed us to participate in interesting activities to hook us into what she was talking about.” Junior Michelle Knoud added, "She was very insightful. You could tell she's a teacher for the right reasons."

A lot of what Ms. Facciolini had to say focused on how to make an interactive lesson by involving students. She demonstrated this with the class and encouraged the Cadets to do this in their class activities. Overall, Ms. Facciolini’s visit was a positive experience that helped the teacher cadet class learn more about themselves and how to teach. Mrs. Garner reflected, "It was an honor to have the current NC Teacher of the Year in my classroom. Her message to my Teacher Cadets was right on - she modeled how to make a lesson interactive, and encouraged my students to do this in their field experiences."

Written by: Daniel Duchateau, Junior, Media Production class
Posted: Nov 18, 2010 by Ms. Paula White

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