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WHS Beta Club is moving mountains

Melissa Sackowitz-Member, Kristy Bunce-Advisor, Graham Tuttle-Historian

Once again, the WHS chapter of the National Beta Club is moving mountains. This time it happens to be mountains of books. The prestigious club pulled the weight of its 120 members to donate over 500 books to a local elementary school, more than fulfilling the goal for every student to have literature to read over Thanksgiving break. The 2009-2010 High School Service Award Winners continue to shape their community with selfless acts of servitude. Members have donated countless hours at nearby elementary, middle and high schools to better their learning environments through tutoring students and participating in fundraisers. Incredibly, the club's acts of kindness do not stop there. Local charities have benefited from the Beta Club's service as well, through the group’s donations of canned foods, used clothing and pet food. In order to spur the business of a local thrift store that supports a battered women's shelter, the Beta Club acted by donating over 50 gently used, complete outfits. Some people have asked why the club is named the Beta Club, and not the Alpha Club, and the answer is simple; we put others before ourselves. The Greek letter "B" signifies "bios" or "life", showing that being in service to others is not about oneself, but rather about giving and caring for others. The organization works to enhance the character and leadership skills of its members as well as to recognize their high achievement and service levels. This chapter, being composed of students from Weddington High School, the number one high school around, surely lives up to that standard.

Written by: Graham Tuttle, Historian Edited by Sandy Allison, Media Coordinator
Posted: Nov 19, 2010 by Cheryl Edwards

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