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Sun Valley Elementary and UNICEF: Kids Helping Kids

Pictured, (clockwise starting with student in pink shirt at top) Brennan Boland, Allura Kiriakidis, Gracie Gardner, Tate Hawkes, Prody Kang, Ashton Ginas, Cameron Flowers, Rory McGevna, Calvin Lawson, Ian Madsen, and Martin Tello.

In order to meet one of its global goals for Union County Public Schools, Sun Valley Elementary School asked its students and families to think globally while acting locally by adopting the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Trick or Treat campaign. As a third grade program begun by Jennifer Stephenson at Sun Valley Elementary School last year, it was expanded to include the entire school this year.

As an expanded program, the school contributed $1,098.33. UNICEF notes that only seven cents provides 50 children with safe water for a day. Sun Valley Elementary School’s participation in this project demonstrates its willingness to help others in need while learning about different cultures from around the world.

Before Halloween, each student was provided with an orange box to collect change for the school’s UNICEF global project. The UNICEF idea was for students and families to collect donations while Trick or Treating. Families that did not participate in Trick or Treating participated by asking family members, friends, and neighbors to donate. SVES Principal Ms. Patrice Parker believes the UNICEF project encourages students to actively participate in helping others around the world.

UNICEF’s mission is to stop 25,000 preventable child deaths each day. UNICEF provides medicine, clean water, education, nutrition, and clothing to children in over 150 countries. Sun Valley Elementary students continue to learn how other children across the world are impacted daily by the lack of necessary medicine, food, and education while studying seven continents of the world.


Written by: Kevin Vickers, Media Coordinator and UCPS Communicator for Sun Valley Elementary School
Posted: Nov 19, 2010 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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