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4th Grade Learns about Lumbee Indian Culture!

4th graders discuss the Lumbee Indian culture with Reggie Brewer

The Amazing Lumbee Indian!

On November 22nd, Reggie Brewer, a Lumbee Indian, came to Fairview Elementary to share his heritage and culture with the 4th grade. When he arrived, he was wearing a very strange outfit. He explained that it was for Pow Wows. It was mostly made of intricate bead work.

He showed us his moccasins and many other things made from beads. He showed us two flutes (one small and one big) and an eagle bone whistle. He explained to us that it would be blown four times during a Pow Wow to tell everyone that someone was about to pass away in the tribe.

We were amazed when he showed us his shield that had a dragon fly on it which stood for north, south, east, and west. He explained that he wore the shield during important meetings.

In addition to learning about his traditional outfit, he showed us how to do a friendship dance (see photo) which we enjoyed!

Written by: Savanna D. and Ellie S. (Mrs. Natalie Brucia's 4th Grade Class)
Posted: Nov 23, 2010 by Richard Wikfors

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