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Fifth Graders Present Their Living Museum

Our annual Living Museum happened this week.  Our fifth grade classes study the exploration of the New World in their Social Studies curriculum.  They are challenged to study one explorer and create a trunk with various items that relate to the explorer.   They studied explorers from Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, France, Italy, Holland and Greenland.  The students then created a costume and wrote a speech about the explorer's life.  The culminating project was a Living Museum which was presented to second, third, and fourth grade students.  They came to hear all about the explorers' lives, and how they still affect our culture even today.

Each student created a trunk that contained items like these:  a flag of the explorer's country that the explorer sailed for, a map of his journeys, a "passport", an Explorer Flash card with statistics of his life, and each student added something special of their own creation.  Some of their own creations included a gravestone, homemade hardtack, a journal, a weather report, a job application, etc.  They went to the media center and displayed all their trunk items and waited for the students to come hear their presentations.  The explorers came to life as the younger students turned on their "light", and they told the students all about their journeys.  Students rotated from one explorer to another.  Parents were also invited to attend, and they all seemed to thoroughly enjoy the experience.  Thank you fifth graders and the fifth grade team for working so hard each year to make this such a success.  Your costumes and trunks were amazing!  What creativity!

Written by: Kathy Gwinn, media specialist
Posted: Nov 24, 2010 by Kathy Gwinn

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