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Save the Turkey's!

With Thanksgiving approaching, the turkey population is getting nervous! Mrs. Beane's Kindergarten class felt sorry for the turkey's and wanted to create costume's for them to hide their true identity and avoid being a holiday meal.

Students were asked to take home a blank drawing of a turkey and, along with their parents, disguise it by making it into something else. By using items such as, feathers, material, buttons, markers, decorative paper, yarn, glitter and glue, the possibilities were endless for these turkeys!

Mrs. Beane encouraged parent involvement with this project because she feels that it is important for parents to take part in all aspects of a child's education. Parent's should help with teaching their children their reading and math as well as designing a turkey costume.

The turkey's turned out great and you wouldn't even know that they were once a turkey. Submissions ranged from, a chicken with a pilgrim hat stating "Not a Turkey", snowmen, a princess, santa clause, a ninja, strawberry shortcake, cinderella, a Christmas tree and a ballerina.

We thank Mrs. Beane and her Kindergartners for doing a great job trying to Save the Turkey's! We hope that there is one less turkey cooked this holiday season in light of their efforts!


Written by: Heather Shulman, Instructional Assistant-Media Center
Posted: Nov 29, 2010 by Kristin Wiese

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