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Elementary music teachers use songs and rhythms

Widely known music educator James Mader offers drumming session to the elementary music teachers of Union County.

The elementary music teachers of Union County had an unbelievable opportunity August 20, 2010, participating in a drumming session with widely known music educator James Mader.

Mader has been listed among the “Influential and Highly Effective” teachers by the National Honors Society and was selected as one of 20 music teachers from the United States and Canada to introduce Will Schmid’s "World Music Drumming Curriculum."
This exciting curriculum enhances students' listening skills, respect, cooperation, teamwork, and communication through the use of African, Caribbean, and Latin drumming, movement, and song.

This fast-paced session in August included the use of tubano drums in addition to xylophones, metallophones, and glockenspiels. Teachers were guided through activities using simple songs and rhythms, intended to boost students' musical talents and abilities.

Activities also promoted teamwork and challenged the participants' coordination, motor skills, and endurance. All musical pieces were appropriate for elementary-aged students and adaptable for middle and high school classes as well.

The elementary music teachers were especially honored when Dr. Tom Bulla, Union County Director of Elementary Education, stopped by the session. He was encouraged by the music teachers to join in on the fun, and he accepted the invitation by sitting at a drum.

Dr. Bulla participated in the session wholeheartedly and after he left, Mader commented on how impressed he was with the Union County administrator’s willingness to include himself in the session.

Mader currently works as a music teacher and Director of the Percussive Techniques and Exploration at Parkway Middle School of the Arts in Florida.

Written by: Jodi F. McConkey, chairperson of Union County Elementary Music Teachers
Posted: Nov 30, 2010 by Candy Stufflebeam

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