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Students are Slammin' at the Library

Rachel Carroll, winner of this year's Poetry Slam, responds with surprise!

Ninth grade student, Rachel Carroll was named the winner of this fall’s poetry slam with her poem entitled, “Signing My Letters with Love.” Porter Ridge High School held its third Poetry Slam during the week of November 15th through the 19th. The Poetry Slam is sponsored by the PRHS Media Center in order to recognize the creative talents of all of our Pirate students.

Over 200 students participated in the first round of the competition within classes on November 15th. To participate in the Slam, students composed their own poetry and performed in their classes in front of their peers. In the first round, the students themselves served as judges scoring each performance using a rubric. The top scores in each class were chosen to compete in the semi-final round.

The semi-final round of competition was held in the media center on Wednesday, November 17th. The semi-finalists performed their poetry in front of several classes. Porter Ridge teachers and staff members served as the judges selecting 23 of the 65 semi-finalists to continue on to the final round.

The final round of competition took place during fourth block on Friday, November 19th with three judges from Union County Public Schools, Lisa Phillips & Jackie Simpson, Library/Media Services Coordinators, and Cheryl Nelson, Secondary English Curriculum Coordinator. Students performed in front of a full auditorium.

Media Specialist April Dawkins said, “As long as students want to participate, we will keep having a Poetry Slam. I’m already planning one for the spring!”

Written by: April Dawkins
Posted: Nov 30, 2010 by Ms. April Dawkins

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