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Ms. Crainer’s Class Learns All About Penguins

Ms. Crainer's Class of Penguins!

For three weeks, Ms. Crainer’s class has been studying penguins. We loved reading fiction and nonfiction stories about penguins, along with poems. We got to watch a united streaming video to learn about the different types of penguins. In math, we got to measure the different sizes of penguins. We also did a science experiment to see how penguins can survive in such a cold place like Antarctica. Jared Schooler from Ms. Crainer’s class said, “I liked the science experiment because I learned that penguins have a thick layer of fat and waterproof feathers.” We loved it when Mrs. Shikany showed us a short clip of a penguin parade in Japan! We even waddled in the halls like penguins. On Friday before Winter Break, we were able to dress like penguins. We tried to balance a ball on our feet to show us how the father penguin keeps his egg warm. At recess, we played penguin games like “Emperor, Emperor, King.” Our favorite activity we did to learn about penguins was singing penguins songs for all to hear!

Written by: Ms. Crainer's 2nd Grade Class
Posted: Jan 06, 2010 by Carrie Thompson

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