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Learning it to a "T"!!

 "I will, I will, I will, " said the students in Miss West and Mrs. Humphrey's Pre-k class! 
After two weeks of reading Tabby Tiger's Treats, working on the letter Tt, serving food to our friends and practicing using our manners, we decided to make our own little Tasty Treat right here in our classroom! We read the well known story of "The Little Red Hen," and decided to put our own spin on the famous tale! Our class worked together to bake a loaf of delicious, cinnamon bread! The students mixed water, salt, flour, yeast and a few other ingredients in a bowl and set in the bread maker to bake for 3 hours!! We watched our "treat" change from dough to bread through out the day and our classroom smelled just like a bakery! Everyone helped to make the bread, so everyone was able to enjoy it when it was finished! It was "T"errific! How's that for a new spin on an old story??? : )

Written by: Jen West
Posted: Dec 01, 2010 by Kerri Edwards

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