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Global connections--Saudi Arabia

Benton Heights was fortunate enough to make connections with a Saudi Arabian prince recently. Prince Khalid, of Saudi Arabia, skyped with students at Sun Valley Elementary & Benton Heights simultaneously on November 19.

Liz Benavides, a Union County resident and globalization advocate, organized the event for the schools.

Prince Khalid is a young man who spoke flawless English. Students prepared for the Skype session by preparing questions to ask the prince. Students from both Sun Valley and Benton Heights asked questions of the prince.

The prince responded and asked follow-up questions of our students. Students were surprised to learn that there are many similarities between schools in both countries. Students in both countries have similar interests in books and junk food!

The prince also shared differences in the countries. There are only two seasons in Saudi Arabia--hot summers and cold winters. He also described the terrifying experience of being in a sand storm.

Written by: Christina Lohry, Dance Teacher
Posted: Dec 01, 2010 by Syble Isbister

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