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Math at a Glance

Mrs. Anna Rorie’s first grade class has been working on solving addition and subtraction problems using many different strategies in math. They have used different math manipulatives and games to help them learn this skill.
One way they are learning to add and subtract is by using the “math mountain” strategy. Students use individual white boards and markers at their desk to solve problems with unknown totals or unknown partners. Along with using the white boards, students are using ten frames, counters, and equbeams. In the pictures below, you can see how these materials are used on a daily basis.
This year Mrs. Rorie’s class is focusing on “Math Talk.” Students are encouraged to use a math partner to solve and explain their answers. Students are also using “math scenarios” to solve word problems. As you can see in the pictures, students are in front of the class in groups so others can visualize how numbers can be broken apart. Students also used “scenarios” as a way to represent patterns. They made different patterns using their bodies, then recorded the patterns and extended them in their math journals.
Students work in small groups to gain a better understanding of the lessons that were previously taught. Math centers are used weekly to review objectives as well as teach higher level thinking.



Written by: Anna Rorie, 1st grade teacher
Posted: Dec 02, 2010 by Jennifer Williams

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