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Wax Museum

Performers: Noah Helms, Avery Oxendine, Madison Clark, Jose Sandoval

Students in Brianne Durant’s 4th grade class performed a Wax Museum for students in Grades 1-5 on Friday, December 3rd. “This project was a culminating activity for the students to show what they have learned about the time when Native Americans lived in North Carolina all the way to the Civil War,” said Durant.

In order to prepare for the Wax Museum presentation, students began their investigation in October. Students made a book of vocabulary words and then found facts about the time period and important people. Next the students were assigned a specific time period and role to showcase for the Wax Museum. After making and gathering props to represent their skits, students began writing their speeches. Monday thru Thursday last week the students practiced. Then on Friday, the students came alive and presented when students from other classes visited the Wax Museum in the Media Center.

Aleksandra Podolski, a student in Durant’s class said, “We put a lot of hard work into our Wax Museum. We had to go into our Social Studies book and get all of the information for Native Americans, exploration and settlement in North Carolina, the American Revolution, the statehood of North Carolina and the Civil War. We wrote a script to practice and we had to dress up as the character we choose.” Students from all grade levels learned from the Wax Museum performance.

Written by: Beth Medlin, Media Coordinator; Brianne Durant, 4th Grade Teacher, Aleksandra Podolski
Posted: Dec 06, 2010 by Beth Medlin

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