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Parkwood Poets Compete

Before getting to the finals these poets had to compete in Round I on November 9th and in Round II on November 10th. During these rounds the talent was narrowed down to the 20 best poems. The poets were judged on their ideas and content, poise and body language, and voice. There were four winners this year. First place for comedic was Maiah Redelfs for her poem titled “Ode to Poems” and for dramatic was Katja Johnson for her poem titled “This World and That.” Second place was Gordon Gibbs, Anthony Evans, Dylan Hunter and Chris Keeler for their Seasons Poem, and the third place winner was Caleb Hudson for his poem “My life in Cadence”. First place winner Maiah Redelfs said, “At first I thought that I had heard wrong, but when I realized I had won first place I was surprised and disappointed, not thinking that I had deserved the win.” Second place winner, Dylan Hunter, said “This year’s Poetry Slam was different from others; none of the poems were absolutely hilarious, but were mixes of different elements.” This year Parkwood had many sponsors for the Fall Poetry Slam which included: Taco Bell, Farley’s, Domino’s, Regal Cinema 8, Salsarita’s, Moe’s, Papa Johns, Kate’s Skating Rink, Parkwood PTSO, Subway, Chick-fil-a, Quizno’s, and Donato’s.

Written by: Mrs. Regina Snelson
Posted: Jan 07, 2010 by Mrs. Regina Snelson

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