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Art Class Outside?

Patrick Maikowski, a 5th Grader at Rocky River Elementary School, creating his enviromental art.

WHAT? Art class outside? Has Mr. Grimm lost his mind? No there is a great explanation for what Mr. Grimm’s fifth grade artist have been up to. They have spent some time outside exploring the possibilities of using nature to create art. They began this lesson by learning the difference between three-dimensional forms and two-dimensional shapes. They then learned exactly what it meant to create a temporary installation art piece. They studied the art of Cristo and how he uses the idea of temporary art done outside so that all can see.

The students took their planned ideas outside and began to build sculptures with materials found in nature. The students were not allowed to use anything that could not decompose over time. They were also only allowed to use things found outside as tools. They were asked to build something that could stand up or have balance. This was challenging for the students based on the materials they could use.

Students were very excited about this project. The sculptures turned out great and added an interesting landscape to Rocky River’s field behind the school. The students were given a great opportunity to learn about sculpture, three-dimensional objects, installation art, Cristo the artist and how things decompose in nature.

Written by: Christopher Grimm, Art Teacher at Rocky River Elementary
Posted: Dec 10, 2010 by Kristin Wiese

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