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Learning about the Philippines

First Grade has been very busy learning all about the Philippines as we prepare for the Culture Parade here at Prospect on December 17th. We have discovered this beautiful land has many volcanoes and because of its climate, also has many typhoons. Many varieties of colorful orchids also grow on the islands.

Mrs. May’s class has made Filipino houses that are on stilts because of the rains and typhoons. Mrs. Lamb’s class made volcanoes and Ms. Reeve’s class designed beautiful orchids. All first graders made the flag of the Philippines, which we will proudly wave during the parade.

As the holiday season approaches our children are making beautiful “parols” or star lanterns. These are essential Christmas decorations in the Philippines. They become a dazzling display of light and color!



Written by: Ms. Romero, First Grade Instructional Assistant
Posted: Dec 10, 2010 by Airen Hartis

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