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Mrs. Werkmeister named Enquirer-Journal Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Werkmeister assists students during communication skills

Parkwood Middle educator Nancy Werkmeister earned teacher of the year honors for 2010-2011. She teaches communication skills to sixth graders. Mrs. Werkmeister was recently named The Enquirer-Journal’s Teacher of the Week.

This is Mrs. Werkmeister’s 30th year in the classroom and her 6th year with Union County Public Schools. She graduated from the University of Missouri – St. Louis with Bachelor of Science degrees in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education, as well as a certification in social studies.
Mrs. Werkmeister had a favorite fourth grade teacher named Mrs. Corkery. Mrs. Werkmeister says “she was enthusiastic, and it was evident she enjoyed working with children. When I think about Mrs. Corkery, I think about the expression, you may not remember what she taught you, but you remember how she made you feel.”
“The most important message I try to instill in my students is that the more education you have, the more choices you will have in life. Working hard in school today will pay off in the future and open doors of opportunity.”
Mrs. Werkmeister is inspired by her students and states, “My students inspire me when they work hard and find success, or tell me they used to hate reading, but now they like it. Nothing beats the smile of a struggling student who achieves success and is motivated to keep trying.”
When asked what she would like parents to know Mrs. Werkmeister says, “I would like parents to know that teachers want their children to succeed in school. When home and school work in partnership and trust, students will benefit. Also, attending school should be their children’s main focus at the moment. While public education is a right in our country, society needs to see it as a privilege, too.”
One of Mrs. Werkmeister’s greatest strengths is building a positive rapport with students and families. She thinks it’s important that kids know an adult notices them and comments on a change, whether it’s a new haircut, braces, a recent sporting event, or welcoming them back from an absence. When students and their families believe school personnel are glad to see them, they won’t hesitate to work with us for the benefit of their child.
Mrs. Werkmeister feels her greatest challenge as an educator is meeting the individual needs of all students in her classes and keeping up with the paperwork. Teaching can be overwhelming at times, but one of the most rewarding professions, too.

Written by: Nancy Werkmeister_Lisa Chapman
Edited By: The Enquirer Journal
Posted: Dec 16, 2010 by Lisa Chapman

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