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Cavaliers Study Cultures and Religions Around the World

The Health Team Relations class poses in front of their cultures and religions of the world projects.

The CHS Health Team Relations class, taught by Mrs. Joyce Durham, has recently been studying about the many cultures and religions around the world. Many people may not realize the impact of religion and culture in health care but we learned that every single religion has certain beliefs about medical care and that these beliefs and differences must be respected. In class, we have done multiple activities regarding world religions and cultures. For example, first we were assigned a world culture to research and perform a skit in class about “a day in the life of…” whichever culture we were assigned. We dressed up and performed skits for cultures like Kenya, Spain, China, and Middle East. We were then given a major religion of the world to research and create a poster to display their beliefs, symbols, and major holidays. We learned so many important facts about other religions and about being tolerant of others with different beliefs. Everyone enjoyed acting in the skits, in fact, sophomore Riley Sloop said, “I have such a good time in this class and learn a lot also!”

Written by: Health Team Relations students Matt Toland, sophomore, and Addie McCraw, freshman.
Posted: Dec 17, 2010 by Ms. Paula White

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