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Highlights from Prospect's Cultural Christmas Parade

Prospect Elementary's halls resounded with cheers and cultural Christmas music as the 2nd annual Cultural Christmas parade made its way through the school. Students lined the halls as their classmates marched through carrying banners, signs, flags and other holiday items related to the country their class chose to represent.

The many countries represented in the parade included Guatemala, Argentina, Egypt, Ireland, France, Spain, the Philippines, and Australia. Students wore traditional outfits and carried items related to their country, like flags, maps and ornaments. Guatemala began the parade with a crafted flag and sign stating the country's holiday traditions. Australia finished up the parade with students carrying stuffed animals native to their country. The parade concluded with Mrs. Bankston and Mrs. McGinnis handing out candy in the traditional parade fashion.

Students were overheard in the hallway saying that this "was the best day ever!"


Written by: Airen Hartis, Media Specialist at Prospect Elementary
Posted: Dec 17, 2010 by Airen Hartis

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