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December declared "Anti-Bullying Month" at WHS

Anti-bullying pledge cards filled the walls of the commons area

The Weddington Warrior newspaper staff officially declared December as "Anti-Bullying Month" at Weddington High School. The idea to dedicate an entire month against bullying came as the result of numerous incidents relating to bullying in the news. As recently as April 2010, nine students were facing charges in Massachusetts in the latest string of bullying episodes that ended in death. At that time, CBS News had identified ten other students as young as nine years old that were bullied and committed suicide in the last twelve months. In a letter of thanks to the students, faculty, parents and staff of Weddington High School, Isabella Bartolucci, Editor-In-Chief states that “These are horrendous things that should never happen.” She goes on to express the staff’s appreciation of the overwhelming support for this campaign. “As a student, it is amazing to see how a school usually divided can “band” together for such a worthy cause. I would personally like to thank Mr.Breedlove. He has been a great supporter of all that the journalism staff does and has allowed us to move forward with our month against bullying. His leadership and genuine love of education is inspiring.” To help raise awareness of this troubling trend, the Warrior Witness staff asked students, teachers and school staff members to sign anti-bullying pledge cards and wear teal colored wristbands to “band” together in their effort to stop bullying at our school and in our community. The signed pledge cards filled the wall at the entrance to the student commons area, and students and staff sported the teal wristbands throughout the month. Students also showed their support by declaring a “white out” against bullying at the home basketball games on December 3. Bartolucci states that “While some people refuse to believe it, bullying does occur at Weddington High School. More common than physical abuse is emotional abuse. If you would like more proof that bullying does happen at our school, please turn to the Editorial page and read the anonymous submission” , referring to an article in the Warrior Witness. Bartolucci ended her letter of thanks by saying, “I hope that you will all take what we are trying to do this month to heart. You can deny it all you want, but we have all been affected. Please keep that in mind.” On January 13th from 7-8:30, Weddington Middle School is sponsoring John Halligan’s presentation “Cyber Bullying and Youth Depression” to parents in the auditorium. Halligan’s 13 year-old son committed suicide because of the acts of his classmates.

Written by: Katie Claffey, The Warrior Witness Advisor, English teacher
Posted: Dec 17, 2010 by Cheryl Edwards

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