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Art Enhances Learning at Waxhaw Elementary

Pictured displaying their art projects are Triston, a third grade student, Mya, a fifth grader, and Edwardo, a fourth grade student

There has been an amazing amount of intricate art happening at Waxhaw Elementary School this fall season, lead by art teacher, Judy Byum. Each grade level did extraordinary work in their core standards area for North Carolina.

Fifth graders are exploring The Five Themes of Geography and creating beautiful depictions of favorite North American destinations.

Fourth graders are researching The Old North State's three major regions' awesome attributes. Using their data, they have designed intricate NC state collages.

After learning about the famous artist, Mondrian and creating pictures of Animals with a Mondrian Twist, third graders taught and tested parents on Mondrian's elements of design. Great scores, parents!

Second graders have been creating their own bird's eye view of patchwork fields using fall's majestic array of beautiful colors and patterns.

First graders and Kindergartners show off their amazing creative abilities recreating book characters they have read about in art class.

Indeed, art is alive and well at Waxhaw Elementary!

Written by: Judy Byrum and Tiffany Brown
Posted: Dec 17, 2010 by Kimberly Thomas

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