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Holiday Wishes From Over 8,800 Miles Away

Over 8,800 miles couldn’t separate a father wishing his daughters at Poplin Elementary a Merry Christmas on Friday, December 17, 2010.

Kent Chivers, who is stationed with the Navy currently in Kabul, Afghanistan, wanted to teach his daughters and their classmates what he has learned in the three weeks he has been stationed there.

One daughter, Sydney Chivers, is a fourth grader in Brianne Durant’s class. His other daughter, Lauren Chivers, is a third grader in Heather Gasiecki’s class.

When Chivers found out he was going to be stationed in Afghanistan, he emailed Teacher Heather Gasiecki to see if Skype was available at Poplin. Skype is available and three weeks later Chivers and his daughters and their classmates met face-to-face.

The students had recently sent cards to Chivers and his unit in October. Because of Skype, Chivers was able to thank the students for their encouraging cards face-to-face.

During the meeting, students learned how to say hello in Dari which is one of the two Afghan languages Chivers has learned. He also taught the students about the differences in population between Afghanistan and the United States.  Students have been learning about the population of the United States and this gave them a chance to compare what they have learned with new information about Afghanistan.

Chivers also showed the students kites that Afghan children like to play with and they learned children in both places love to play soccer.

Written by: Beth Medlin, Media Coordinator
Posted: Dec 18, 2010 by Beth Medlin

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