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Rocky River Spelling Bee

Kylie Brooks and Matthew Caskey proudly showing off their Spelling Bee Certificates with Principal, Sherry Richardson

Kylie Brooks, a Fourth Grader, won the Rocky River Spelling Bee with the word Quarterback in Round 9. Students in grades 3-5 were eligible to participate in the spelling bee. First, students had a classroom spelling bee and the winners from there participated in the school wide spelling bee.

Winning a spelling bee is no easy task so students were given a list of words to practice to get ready for the contest. Kylie’s parents helped her study for the contest by quizzing her for several days prior to the contest. Her parents would call out the words to her and she would have to spell the words back to them correctly. If she spelled a word incorrectly they would keep quizzing her until she spelled it correctly.

Kylie was extremely nervous prior to the spelling bee. She tried to calm herself down by taking deep breaths and reminding herself that she has gotten this far and that she has the support of her teachers, friends, and family.

Kylie was shocked when she won! She is very proud of herself as is her family. When she returned back to the classroom her friends cheered loudly and excitedly for her. As the winner Kylie won a one year online subscription to Britannica Kids Encyclopedia.

Matthew Caskey, a Fifth grader, came in as runner up to Kylie. Matthew did an excellent job throughout the competition. We are so proud of Kylie and Matthew and all of the other competitors.

The next step in Kylie’s spelling bee journey is to compete in the Union County spelling bee on January 19, 2011. Students in grades 3-8 will be competing. This contest takes place just 7 days after her birthday so it would be a great present to win the competition.

Written by: Heather Shulman, Media Assistant
Posted: Jan 03, 2011 by Kristin Wiese

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