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UCPS students mentored by executives at Scott Health & Safety

Greg Gatlin, an accounts manager at Scott Health and Safety, explains some of the fire protective gear made by his company with the assistance of Marty Lorkowski, a marketing manager for the company (who is also a volunteer firefighter).

A group of executives from Scott Health and Safety in Monroe spent Wednesday (January 6, 2009) morning mentoring about 85 UCPS students in an attempt to help shape their futures.
Mike Ryan, vice president of Life Safety Products at Scott, a Tyco company, greeted students and explained why his company invited them. “I’ve invited a number of my colleagues here, people from all over the country with different backgrounds, including some people who grew up around here. I have asked them to tell you their stories, tell you about their jobs, talk to you about where they’re from, what was important to them that helped them get to where they are today, and finally, to give you a piece of advice.”
George Oliver, president of Tyco Safety Products and Electrical and Metal Products, was one of about a dozen company executives who spoke to students. He said the company believes that “it’s important to assist, mentor and position the next generation for success, not only within our company, but also across corporate America and businesses throughout the world.” 

Oliver encouraged students to dream big and to believe in themselves. “You also need to have a passion for learning and seize every opportunity to learn. And remember, there is no substitute for working hard. That quality in you will be recognized along the way.”
He also encouraged students to be open to getting help from people who may not be or look like them. “Opening your minds to those who are different than you could be the key to your success,” he said.

Scott Health and Safety is a worldwide manufacturer of respiratory, personal protective and safety devices, equipment and accessories, such as those used in fire service. Greg Gatlin, an account manager at Scott, demonstrated to students some of the fire protective gear the company makes, with the assistance of Marty Lorkowski, a marketing manager for the company and a volunteer firefighter.
Students seemed to enjoy the day; saying the executives’ comments were inspirational and thought provoking. “They said you can come from any background, any culture and still be successful as long as you have hard work, dedication and a passion for what you do,” said Camden Smith, 17, a senior at Forest Hills.
“I thought the experience was fun and very interesting,” he added. “It really gets you inspired to go out and do what you want to do in a career. They were saying dream big and you can accomplish anything you want to as long you put your mind to it.”

After the session with executives, students toured the facility and were then treated to lunch. At the close of the day, they were each given a Scott Health and Safety t-shirt and a backpack donated by INROADS (a non profit groups that offers internships for high school and college students).

Linda Smith, (no relation to Camden), is a job broker with JobReady and the career development coordinator at Forest Hills High. She said she coordinated the trip after being contacted by the company.

“The goal of JobReady is to get more teachers, administrators and students to connect the real world with what is taught in school,” she said during the event. “Today the Scott family opened their doors and their hearts and shared their passion with a group of students they didn’t even know, because they want to grow the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs and employees; not just for Scott, but for the rest of the world.”

Written by: Deb Coates Bledsoe, UCPS Communications Coordinator
Posted: Jan 12, 2010 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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