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Which Came First?

Baby chicks stay warm in the incubator.

Mr. Adcock’s Animal Science I class took part in a project to hatch baby chicks during first semester. According to Mr. Adcock, the class started the project out of curiosity and an interest in watching them hatch. Their first batch was not very successful, but the second batch was extremely successful with 21 out of 30 eggs hatching. Some students took care of the chicks while others maintained the incubator. The class was able to see how amazingly fast a cell can divide into a complex organism. The chicks come out eating, drinking, walking, and "fuzzy." Mr. Adcock reflected, ‘I think the greatest part of the project is watching the students' response to the book work becoming a reality in the form of a cracked egg producing a baby chicken.’ The eggs came directly from laying hens and are bred to produce meat. Many of them will grow so fast that they can hardly walk in a year. The chicks will later be donated to a farm. 

Written by: Paula White
Posted: Jan 12, 2010 by Paula White

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