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Wolfe Book Club - Read All About It!

Cleodis Davis reads James and the Giant Peach.

Book Club is new to Wolfe School this year.  Book Club is made up of 6 to 7 students from various classrooms on various levels.  The club met every Monday afternoon from 1:00-2:00 in the speech room.  The teachers and assistants of the participating classrooms, along with the speech pathologist, worked together to adapt the reading to allow all students to participate.  Students were assigned a book and were responsible for taking care of their book and bringing it to Book Club each week.  Each student was given 2-3 paragraphs to work on each week with their classrooms and at home.  Each week, the students read the required chapters reviewed chapter summaries using Boardmaker, answered questions and participated in a hands-on activity to increase comprehension.

One way we adapted the readings for a student who is non-verbal, was by using a communication output device (i.e. a Big Mac Switch). This was done by having the classroom teacher read the weekly assignment into the device with the student.  The student was then responsible for activating the switch when it was their turn to read.  We have also used picture symbols paired with words to help the students better recognize the words.  Those students who can read independently practiced reading with their classroom staff prior to each meeting.  The students did an excellent job being patient and quiet while the other students were reading.  They have all improved in their literacy abilities and have done a great job participating with the accomodations.

The next club will be a little bigger and consist of all or our seniors.  They will be reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  The students are excited about successfully completing another book.


Written by: Amanda Spacek, Teacher at Wolfe School
Posted: Jan 06, 2011 by Cheryl Hawley

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